There is currently one job opening for the position of General Manager.



Prepares, interprets, and enforces departmental and organizational policies, procedures

and guidelines; makes effective independent decisions representing day-to-day issues

that do not require team discussion, input, or agreement.


Essential Functions

      ·        Oversees and supervises office personnel which includes training, planning,

·        assigning and scheduling their duties; directing, coordinating and evaluating their performance; rewarding and disciplining; addressing complaints and resolving problems.

·        Establishes work priorities and sequence, assigns work and manages all operations work performance focusing on efficiency, work quality, cost, schedule and related customer service

·        Fully implements all district policies, maintenance plans, capital improvement plans and programs including infrastructure, vehicles, equipment, buildings and property and submit reports to Board of Directors as required

·        Timely and accurate completion of all required state, local and district reports,

·        including operation and maintenance reports

·        Timely compliance with all regulatory agency mandates, permit requirements,

·        sampling schedules and state mandated actions and programs

·        Implementation and update of the District safety program

·        Develop Capital Equipment Replacement and Capital Improvement Project priority

·        lists, schedules and supporting information

·        Manage field personnel including hiring, training and coaching, assisting in job

·        description and personnel updates, monitor and conduct written performance

·        evaluations, develop performance improvement plans, document performance concerns

·        and recommend/provide documentation supporting disciplinary action, develop training

·        and development plans

·        Ensure adequate water supply and delivery of water meeting all quality standards

·        Other Duties 

·        Coordinate and communicate operations activities with the Office Manager on the appropriate schedule

·        Work with qualified system/facility maintenance contractors and manage quality, schedule and cost of work performed

·        Submittals on a timely basis of accounts payable items, with appropriate documentation to the Board utilizing known information in coding to proper account

·        Attendance at Board or other meetings as requested

·        Effectively communicates department strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

·        with Board of Directors in a timely manner

·        Ensures scheduled maintenance and calibrations of all water distribution equipment is

·        completed on the appropriate schedule

·        Ensures that all system emergencies are addressed in a timely manner and causes

·        are determined and remedial plans developed

·        Leads and performs customer service related duties including but not limited to:

·        Meter installation, turning services on or off, lock-offs and unlocks, quality

·        complaints.

·        * Works with field personnel and performs emergency repairs after normal working hours and participate in “On-Call”.

·        This position typically requires working Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00

·        p.m. with a thirty (30) minute lunch break. This position is subject to being on-call during

·        the off-hours. Position is considered essential personnel.


Job Standards/Specifications


Knowledge of:

·        Federal, State, and local laws and regulations regarding District administrative operations.

·        Principles and practices of effective administration of support functions.

·        Modern office practices and technology.

·        Filing methods arid recordkeeping systems.

·        Principles and practices of financial reporting.

·        Basic mathematics.

·        Correct English usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

·        Policy and procedure development.

·        Technical report writing.

·        Principles and practices of personnel administration.


Ability to:

·        Interpret, analyze, and apply Federal, State, and local laws and regulations pertaining to the administration of office support functions.

·        Analyze situations and make sound recommendations in support of District goals.

·        Develop and implement policies and procedures relating to District office support

·        functions.

·        Organize data, maintain records, and prepare reports.

·        Review and comprehend technical financial information.

·        Utilize computer systems and software packages.

·        Identify and effectively train subordinate staff.

·        Perform basic installation, maintenance, and repair of water Service Systems and  meters.

·        Perform skilled installation, servicing, repair of meters.

·        Operate motor vehicles and power-driven equipment used in water service work.

      ·        Operates District vehicles in field installations and maintenance work.

·        Must be able to carry, push, pull, reach, and lift equipment and parts weighing up to 50 pounds.

·        Stoops, kneels, crouches, crawls, and climbs during field maintenance and repair work. Works in an environment with exposure to dust, dirt, and significant temperature changes between cold and heat.

·        Communicates orally with District staff in face-to-face, one-to-one settings. Regularly uses a telephone for communication.

·        Stands and walks for extended time periods.

·        Hearing and vision within normal ranges with or without correction.


Environmental Factors

·        Exposure to the sun: 50% to 100% work time spent outside a building and exposed to the sun.

·        Work above floor level: Some work done on ladders or other surfaces from 4 to 12 feet above the ground.

·        High temp: Considerable work time in hard manual labor in temperatures between 80- 90 degrees.

·        Humidity: Work in areas with unusually high humidity

·        Wetness: More than 10% of the work time getting part or all of the body and/or

·        clothing wet.

·        Noise: Occasionally there are unusually loud sounds

·        Slippery surfaces: Occasional work on unusually slippery surfaces

·        Oil: Some parts of the body in contact with oil or grease occasionally.

·        Dust: Works in or around areas with minor amounts of dust.

·        Irregular or extended work hours: Occasionally required to change working hours or work overtime, on-call.



·        Applicants must have a working knowledge of the use and application of office business software including Microsoft Word and Excel; experience and/or knowledge of Quick Books desirable.

·        Excellent mechanicals skills and practices.

·        Experience and/or certification in water distribution is highly desirable.

·        Education:

·        High School or General Education Diploma (GED) and ability to complete

·        college level coursework in water distribution.

·        Licenses:

·        Valid California Driver’s License appropriate to job and satisfactory driving

·        record 


·        Water Distribution Grade 1 (Minimum mandatory) within 90 days

·        Water Treatment Operator Grade 1 (Minimum mandatory) within one year of appointment

This position is salaried.  Starting salary is $40,000 per year.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Employment Application


Please submit an application and resume via email or drop off at the main office.