Name Kern Co. San Bernardino Co. Term Ends  
Jay Friel   2022  
David Perry ✔  2022  
Ghulam Din   2022  
William Liebscher ✔  2022  
Greg Thompson  ✔ 2024




Roster of Board Officers for the Rand Communities Water District

The Board of Directors currently seats five members, all those members are enumerated in the table aside this notice.

The Board of Directors has oversight over the Rand Communities Water District and appoints the General Manager to handle day-to-day operations.  The Directors have the power to set the budget, oversee the district’s financial affairs and establish policies that support the vision and mission of the district.

Directors have to remain objective and responsive to the needs of the public they serve.  They must make decisions within the proper channels of governmental structure, and not use public office for personal gain.